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1) What kind of massage do you offer?

Although there are many types of massage techniques available in the industry, I "customize" the techniques to the preferences, health conditions, and comfort level of my clients. Usually, in a full 60 minute session, I do a combination of different modalities:

  • Cranial sacral therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Swedish
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Shiatsu

2) How long is the massage session?

It will always be a 60 minute massage unless the client wants a longer session.

3) What areas of the body are massaged?

Usually from "Head to Toe" will be the standard, but if a client wants a specific area only, that can be arranged.

4) What kind of preparation do I need to be ready for my massage?

A shower would be a good idea before I come. It will prepare your body with open pores for the lotions/oils to soak into the skin for maximum benefits.

5) Where will my massage be performed?

A room anywhere in your home, office, or hotel. An 8X10 space is ideal for set up of the massage table and my stand.

6) Do I have to be fully undressed for my massage?

That will be up to you, the client. You can derobe to your own comfort level. You will be "draped" (covered) accordingly as to cover the proper places while during the session.